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Tourism in Russia

A whimsical fairyland of forts, monasteries, cathedrals and palaces in a picturesque setting

Your visit to Russia will be no less than an experience of castles in the air hovering the vodka nights of muscovites. Every city narrates the long-sought historic chronicles of the country. Russia has many seasons and time differences because of its vast existence. Every season, this country of onion-shaped domes offer amazing experiences to its visitors. Where winters often showcase beautiful fortresses standing on sheets of snow, summer visit is filled with an array of natural hues. From food to hospitality, from local transport to accommodations, from festivals to ice sports, from castles to monasteries to palaces- your visit to this colossal Slavic side of the globe will be ever living. Russian Tourism has been on high demand since it embeds 23 UNESCO World Heritage sites. The famous ‘Golden Ring of Russia’ envelops the most touristy places in Russia. This famous tourist trail has eight cities ( not an official list) that bead themselves to add grace to Russian Tourism. All cities ornated in the Golden Ring have ancient and cultural significance.

St.Petersburg is an unparallel treasure-house of art and culture. Your visit will be an elegant conversation with the Russian Tsars. Summer visits are going to be glorious as a rainbow of petals opens up with the first ray of the fireball that hardly dips. The majestic Moscow lures its onlookers with massive citadels replicating their own image in Russian waters. Kremlin and Red Square are the heart of the capital city. You can pay your respects to the glorious St. Cathedral’s Church in Moscow. The capital city of mother Russia embeds a chain of whitewashed churches adorned amidst paddocks coated with flowers.

Suzdal is a storybook of Russia. Its green carpets layered into shepherd's purse, golden church domes with donging church bells- this place is a stud on the Golden Ring. The Trans-Siberian railways pass through Suzdal, keeping its beauty untouched and striking. Don’t forget to let Trans-Siberian railway be a part of your itinerary. Russian Tourism thrives on the world's longest route railways. Your journey is going to be majestic with boarding your train or flight from St. Petersberg to the Golden Ring.

Plyos is one of the smallest jewels of The Golden Ring in Russia. It’s a sober town with timbered houses and breezy hilly lanes. With museums and churches waiting to offer a wonderful experience to its visitors, Plyos is home to the artwork of the most celebrated Russian landscape artist, Issac Levitan. Kostroma is another lazy bed in the Golden Ring and surprisingly it leaves its visitors awe-struck. It is a prominent hotspot of the Roman dynasty that ruled Russia for around 300 years. With the Volga bringing in trade glory to Kostroma, a number of museums can be visited along Kostroma river with just a drop by at an elk farm in the countryside. Your cruises on the Russian waters will make you experience unique.

Sergiev Posad is a UNESCO listed site in The Golden Ring of Russia. It is one of the easiest pit stops of The Golden Ring. Trinity Monastery of St. Sergius is one of the many attractions in Sergiev Posad. The monastery embeds the rich and extraordinary treasury that once the rich and powerful donated. The monastery is believed to be an epicentre of spiritual beliefs and power. The Assumption Cathedral and the Old Vladimir Museum are going to be your favourites at Vladimir. The former is a Mongolian architecture wondrous in nature while the latter uniquely displays stopwatches and old clocks of Vladimir history.

Rostov-Veliky rises above the glittering Lake Nero and is one of the most simple and yet alluring diamonds of The Golden Ring of Russia. Small villages wake up to the rooster’s alarm, perform their daily chores under the shade of nature and then disconnect as the sun takes the dip. Pereslavl-Zalessky has an extraordinary number of monastic institutions, the prominent one being Goritsky Monastery. This 14th-century structure is in the middle of nature’s artistic setup. Its varied building and floors have different stories to narrate.

Yaroslavl has a unique museum which lets you live with different sounds of music. You will experience the most eclectic museums of The Golden Ring in Yaroslavl. An impressive collection of gramophones, clocks, music instruments by the late magician John Mostoslavasky calls for a huge shout out. Ivanovo is one of the youngest cities of The Golden Ring of Russia. Popularly known as the ‘City of Brides’, wedding ceremonies are a usual sight in this fantasy land.

Russia is a wonderland that proudly stands on a fantastical setup with history realms waiting to narrate past events. We hope your journey will be an amazing fairytale in your travel diary.