Tourism in Oman

The Sultanate of Oman- A hidden treasure of the Middle-East

Effortless natural beauty, vibrant culture and extremely warm and cordial locals- all these make Oman the most sought destination. Oman is subtle but it swanks its rich culture and heritage with pride. The superfluous heritage protection strategies helped Oman save and beautifully preserve its Bedouin culture. Oman has a deep azure coastline with dusky deserts. And this makes Oman a perfect destination for outdoor activities and unique attractions. The authentic Arabian food prepared with its secret and untouched recipes awaits to give you a moment of a lifetime. Vegetarians don’t worry, Oman has a lot to offer. You are always expected to be dressed modestly while in Oman.

What can Oman Tourism offer:

Oman has different regions where tourists can plan and visit attractions. With comfortable local transport and locals being multi-lingual and extremely humble, Oman Tourism has been booming for quite some time. An extremely safe country, Oman surprises you with abundant flora and fauna in the midst of forts and deserts. What attracts tourists most is the ancient luxury Frankincense, which is still prevalent today. Oman Tourism consists of a comfortable stay, good food and blessed surroundings to dwell on.

Mosques in Oman are grandiose. The Sultan Qaboos Mosque is a gift to the people of Oman from their king to mark its third decade of rule. The interiors were once record-breaking and continue to be breathtaking.

Oman is a land of unexplored forts narrating chronicles of the unique history of this region. You will find many attractions in Oman as UNESCO recognized sites. Bahla Fort is a fine example of great restoration work to preserve history for its future generations.

Jabreen Castle is a UNESCO archaeological site, believed to be an ancient centre of astrology, medicine and Islamic law. On the other hand, Nizwa Fort encloses a large round tower giving a panoramic view of the fort and its settlements.

Proudly boasting one of the most beautiful coastlines, the Corniche has breathtaking views. Muttrah Corniche is the most visited and most photographed sight in Oman. Restaurants, parks and a beautiful sunset view make this visit extremely blissful. As the sun dips, the Corniche is lit up with life and that unique smell of Arabian food. Markets resting on the coastline offer a good choice for souvenirs to take back home.

Oman Tourism has a lot to offer to its visitors. And one such gift is the Jebel Samhan Viewpoint. Sinkholes and limestone caves will surely give your lens to capture some wonderful memories. Endangered species are also well taken care of at Jebel Samhan Viewpoint.
The most common fragrance you will find in Oman is that of Frankincense. It was an ancient luxury but it still found in the Omani air. The Land of Frankincense is a UNESCO site and has its own significance.
The Omani waters offer excellent water activities like snorkelling ad diving. You will be in awe when you see marine life thriving amidst barren lands.
Archaeological sites like Al-Ayn and Bat will make you wonder how ancient civilization maintained a necropolis stretched on a huge patch of Hajar mountains.

Visa services for Oman are easily available online. If you plan your trip according to the Omani event calendar, Oman will be the highlight of your travel diary.

Oman has more than 10 UNESCO World Heritage sites to visit. But its geological location and cultural abundance is an attraction you won’t be able to resist.

I know your travel bags are ready by now. Happy travelling!