Tourism in Egypt

A sophistication way ahead of its time

Egypt brings visuals of pyramids, mummies and deserts to our mind. But there are more contemporary tilts to the age-old Mediterranean land. The land of Pharoahs is copious with UNESCO World Heritage sites. Egypt is a 5000-year-old vast civilization that stands amidst ancient ruins unfolding stories from the past. But this monotheistic land is full of mystery sealed envelopes.

Egypt Tourism has always surprised its curious visitors with unique civilization, over the top ancient structures, jovial tour guides and amazing cult in food religion. The Abu Simbel Temple in Aswan, Egypt unfolds mysteries arising from dusky sand dunes. Bearing two temples, Abu Simbel is built in honour of King Ramases II and his family. The magnificence of this temple is bound to leave you awestruck when given an inside tour. Carved out of a rocky mountain on the banks of the glorious Nile river, this temple was buried under heaps of sand. Karnak Temple in Luxor, Egypt is a timeless power shining like a pearl at the start of the River Nile. The out-and-out scale of this complex fascinates the visitor about the magnificent power. This temple is the largest religious building ever built. The main hall supported by 134 columns mirrors palm trees, floors represents the Nile and the roof mimics an Egyptian blanket of stars.

Luxor has another gem by the name of Valley of the Kings. A famed collection of tombs, this attraction educates us how was the resting place of the elite functioning. Popularly known as the Great Necropolis of Pharaohs, the tombs were very well-nourished with all high-end agents of mummification. Valley of the Kings is an example of what kind of royal treatment was given to the elite after death. The world-famous Pyramids of Giza at Giza showcase super ordinary shape and unmatchable geometry. Standing strong and powerful, Pyramids of Giza are a tribute to the contributions and achievements of ancient people of Egypt. Pyramidologists argue that these giant and vast structure were raised by angels or aliens as the carvings on the stones depict the same. Proudly guarded by The Great Sphinx, a stroll with the camel around pyramids will take you to a mystery wonder.

In the middle of warm golden sand, ivory rocks spike out for attention. White Desert National Park is bound to give you a unique experience. The White Desert was a sea-bed in the past and rock formations were a result of marine life. The water dried up leaving an awe-spiring visual for all of us to cherish. You can combine a visit to Black Desert along with the White Desert to give you an incredible experience of geological shifts of the region.

Egypt is a gifted land of temples where the monotheistic approach is quite prevalent. The Temple of Isis in Philae, Egypt is a relocated temple in honour of Goddess Isis. This temple has chronicles of the majestic Nile. A Light and Sound Show will keep you entertained in the evening. Open-air markets rugged with souvenirs and spices is a regular pit stop in the Mediterranean patch. Khan-El-Khalili in the capital city of Cairo is the most ancient trade centre in the Middle-East. This ancient style mall snakes through the slim lanes of Cairo. Khan El-Khalili has a very good quality of merchandise to offer. That is the reason this market has been surviving for so long. Khan El-Khalili is a great place to spend your entire day.

Egypt was a civilization with multi-religion surprises as well. The oldest functioning monastic community in the world had St. Catherine Monastery built for their divine escape. St. Catherine was a legendary martyr of Alexandria who was mercilessly beheaded for her faith. Ancient facts narrate that her body was carried by angels from her torture device to Egypt’s highest peak. Close to Mt. Sinai, some monks spotted her dead body about 300 years later. It was perfectly preserved. In the 6th century, Emperor Justinian ordered to built fortress around the chapel. On the other hand, nature has beautifully painted Colored Canyons that offer a whirlpool of breathtaking visuals. It offers you a scenic hiking adventure you will remember for a lifetime.

If we turn toward the modern side of Egypt, Bibliotheca Alexandria in Alexandria, Egypt sets a phenomenal example of contemporary architecture. Bibliotheca Alexandria houses a number of museums. It even hosts major cultural events and is even a centre for learning and culture. Bibliotheca Alexandrina is a true example of the amalgamation of modern architecture and ancient studies. The exterior granite walls are encrypted with hieroglyphs, pictograms and symbols from more than 100 different human scripts.

I know by now, your curiosity level is pricking you to bag pack and head to the maze of enigmatic history - Egypt.